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Flight Simulator Virtual World (United Virtual World)

Flight Simulator Virtual World (United Virtual World) - Registration Agreement Terms

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I. United Virtual World is a Virtual World Created for Realism. This means that things that happen in the world affect things in the Virtual World. We ask that you have respect every and every group and most importantly have respect for yourself. This Virtual World DOES NOT Tolerate: Racism , Vulgar , Sexual harassment , Cussing or cuss Words , Disrespect etc. II. Registration To Register in the Virtual World you must Do the following: 1.Read over the Rules and Regulation[Which you are reading now] and agree with them 2. Have At least more that 5 Members in you Virtual Group 3. Virtual Militaries ,Virtual Airlines , Display Team are all eligible to Join the United Virtual World 4. Have A logo and a way to communicate. III. Declaration of War Declaring war in the virtual world is a tedious process that may take up to days for a succulent declaration To declare war successfully you must complete the following: 1.Post under the War Requests: A detailed account why you want to declare war ,who you are declaring war on , and the date in which you wish that the invasion will start. 2.The UVW Congress(United Virtual World Congress) not including the leaders who are involved in the issue; if 2/3 agree then the request will be accepted and there will be a 48 Hours from the time that the congress agrees for the war to actually start IV. Nuclear Warfare Nuclear Warfare is not encouraged by is accepted in the virtual world. Nuclear warfare can only happen after you declare war. 1. You Must have a nuclear bomb stockpile bought from the High Tech Ammunition Corporation. 2. You must have consent from nuclear committee to use nuclear weapons, you must also have consent to use the nuclear weapons in the active war. 3. Lastly, after the bomb has been dropped post the exact coordinate of where you dropped the bomb and also have video showing the bomb exploding. All airports / air bases are considered to be destroyed if in the 20 miles from the epicenter in all directions. there labeled as black circles on the map V. Alliances Alliances in the virtual world is accepted. Alliances must be posted under the alliances forum. When in a alliance Sharing lives , ammunition , uvw credit=Money , assistance etc . is admissible. Alliances can not declare war on groups that are by themselves. Alliances may only declare war on other alliances. VI. Claiming Territory Claiming territory in the virtual world is a fairly easy process. You must complete the following to claim land in the virtual world. 1. the land in which to claim territory must not be claimed , cannot be a nuclear wasteland ,or united virtual world security force uvwsf property. 2. You must then fly a cargo aircraft to the airport or base closest to capitol of the state or country. 3.The flight must be recorded using fraps, hyper cam 2/3 and/or , fs flight recorder all of which can be found on our media fire downloads page. 4.After making the flight , you must keep pilots protecting the land.Then you must post that you are claiming the land and a video showing that you successfully made the flight. After it is accepted you successfully have captured that territory. VII . Territory Invading/Taking claimed territory To take territory is much like claiming Territory but there is still several guidelines . 1.If the territory is already claimed anyone is able to invade and capture it. 2.You must fly a cargo plane escorted by fighters to the capital of the already claimed territory. 3. Once you have landed the territory is now considered neutral so anybody can claim it you have to defend it for at least 24 hours. 4.You must post and verify by recording evidence that you have protected it and actually made the flight. After that the territory is pretty much yours. VIII. United Virtual World Congress. The united virtual world congress is similar to the united nations. The United Virtual World Congress is made of all the leaders of the virtual world. The United virtual world congress has the power to:the impeachment of groups, UVW policies, set penalties for groups, veto and grant on almost everything in the virtual world. The untied virtual world decides on things by voted like the us congress as 2/3 standard unanimous vote. IX. United Virtual World Security Force (UVWSF) The united virtual world security force or uvwsf is the virtual worlds peace-keepers.They keep everything running smoothly in the virtual world. The security force keeps wars fair and keeps big groups for dominating the virtual world. X. Territory - Budget To buy form the corporations you have to have uvw credit or simply money. We use the gross domestic product of the most recent year on Wikipedia. The Formulas are shown below: Country Formula-(GDP)*5/12 State Formula -(GDP)*5/6 Small Country(Smaller That the US Sate of new Jersey)-(GDP)*5/3 XI.Combat - Dogfight 1.Have enemy in sights 2. Call out aircrafts call sign 3.Then count in secession form 1,000-10,000 4.Call out a missile number and name then fire a missile. 5.If the enemy aircraft deploys flares or doges the missile then its a miss otherwise it a hit XII. Combat - Bombing 1.You must have a bomb with explosion effects in fsx (Download can be found on our mediafire) 2.When on a bombing campaign you must recored it using fraps , hyper cam 2/3 ,or fsx flight recorder 3.Post what airports you bombed with the video showing that you actually bombed it XIII.Repaints All Groups must have repaints if you dont have any download abacus repaint v3 from the virtual worlds media fire to do them yourself the templates are below Aircraft repaints: Must have color , sqadron number , airport icao its based at , the number of plane in its squadron , name of group somewhere on airplane. XVI.FSHost Server/gamespy Groups has the right to hold recureiting sessions. Instead of using game spy the united virtual world uses fs host a much stabler non-crashing , no losing connection way to connect to servers.